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Cairo is the capital of Egypt

Cairo (Arabic, القاهرة Al-Qāhira 'the fort', 'the victorious') is the capital of Egypt and its governorate (muhafazah or province). It is the largest city in the Arab world, the Middle East and Africa, and the Egyptians often call it simply the name of the country, مصر, pronounced in Arabic Misr cult and Egyptian dialect Masr. Its metropolitan area includes an approximate population of about 16 million inhabitants, 3 making Cairo the eleventh most populous city in the world. It is also the most populated metropolitan area of ​​the entire African continent.4 It is known by the Egyptians as the "mother of all cities" and the "city of a thousand minarets." 5 It was founded in 116 a. C., in what today is known as Old Cairo, when the Romans rebuilt an old Persian fort by the River Nile. Before its foundation, Memphis or other cities were the capital of the pharaonic empire. The current name is due to the Fatimids, who baptized the city with the name, Al-Qa…